Grand Slam Dinner 2022, Class of 84+90

2020 was the 30th Anniversary of the 1990 Grand Slam

"For many of us involved, the 1984 Grand Slam provided our inspiration and for the first (and probably last) time, the full Scotland Rugby Grand Slam squads from 1984 and 1990 will be together. Its been a while, we are having a party and you are all invited." Iwan Tukalo

The “Class of 84+90 Grand Slam Dinner” will be under the auspices of Hearts + Balls. Hearts + Balls was conceived in 1999, when an Edinburgh club player suffered a serious spinal injury, leaving him paralysed. Since 1999, Hearts + Balls have donated in the region of £450,000 to Rugby players and their families.

Hearts + Balls are a registered charity, no VAT will be applicable to your donation

MatchPoint supports Hearts + Balls and have donated online booking and payment services for “Class of 84+90 Grand Slam Dinner”.
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